Here are short presentations of the manufacturers and brands we are working with.

AZzardo Design Sverige - Modern Design BelysningAZzardo Design

Large manufacturer of exclusive and modern design lighting available in 18 European countries. AZzardo offers exclusive ceiling lamps, wall lamps, table lamps and floor lamps as well as modern spotlights, downlights, bathroom fixtures and outdoor lamps.
AZzardo Design has a product catalog including over 1 000 lighting products and their range consists of mostly modern lighting products.


DesignLight - Köksbelysning LED & SpotlightsD-Light

European manufacturer of LED lighting. D-Light offers bathroom lighting as well as plug & play solutions with kitchen lighting and spotlights powered by 12V. D-Light also offers smart solution with different drive devices. Most luminaire luminaires are dimmable.



Heda - LED Lampor & Billig LED BelysningHeda

Heda is a European brand that manufactures cheap LED bulbs, spotlights, LED floodlights and other LED fixtures.
The Heda brand is owned and operated by the company Lumax.


KOS Elektro System - Snygga Strömbrytare & VägguttagKOS Elektro System

Modern power switch and wall outlet. KOS offer various types of switches as well as outlets for power, data, telephone and TV. Through exclusive frames and high quality components, the possibility of an interesting interior is offered in your home decoration using products by KOS Elektro Systems.



Swedish manufacturer since 2013. LightsOn is the company behind the 12V lighting system LED Garden Plug & Play, which is an affordable and user friendly lighting system for gardens.



Lumax - LED Belysning för industrin, LED Lampor & LED PanelerLumax

European manufacturer of LED lighting with a certain focus on industrial lighting. Lumax offer affordable LED bulbs, LED floodlights, LED panels and warehouse lighting. Lumax are the owners of the Heda brand.



MiLight - Trådlösa Styrdon för LED BelysningMiLight

Manufacturer of wireless controllers for mostly LED strips. MiLight have solutions for use of cellphones devices and tablets to control your LED lighting over Wi-Fi.



Skoff - Modern LED BelysningSkoff

Manufacturer of modern LED luminaires of various kinds. Manufacturing takes place in their own factory in Poland.
Skoff was among the first to develop really modern lighting fixtures with a sleek modern design, with the possibility of choosing different color temperatures.



Star Trading - Julbelysning & LED BelysningStar Trading

Swedish manufacturer of Christmas lighting, decorative lighting and LED bulbs. Star Trading have been in the business since 1955.

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