KOS Elektro System

Snygga Strömbrytare - KOS Elektro System

Stylish power switches, lamp switches and wall sockets with a modern design.
KOS Elektro System has been in the market since 1983 and manufactures modern power switches and wall sockets with frames made of glass, aluminum, wood, slate, marble and leather.

Power switches and wall sockets are visible details used in all of the rooms in a house. They not only provide practical features in your home but also have a significant impact on how your interior is perceived. A very simple circuit breaker is perceived not to be noticeable, as there have not been so many alternatives in out before. But an exclusive and carefully selected circuit breaker, with a frame that fits your interior, will stand out in a very positive way.

The carefully selected materials in KOS's products combined with the choice of shapes make their power switches and power outlets very unique and they will certainly draw attention and lift the overall impression of your interior.

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